Monday, 21 June 2010

Guess what? I am not a consumerrrrrr :D

Money. We all want just a little bit more.
But is it needed...we want that bit extra to get a nicer phone. maybe treat ourselves to some new earrings or
that HOT jacket on (why does everyone love asos??) but there are much easier, cheaper and more fulfilling
ways to get what you want on a budget that doesn't really allow for luxuries.
Here is my baby steps guide to

1. home life: internet. if you're an outside person... find your nearest hotspot and do your internet thing there
(excercise caution ladies and germs! you all know about secure internet connections etc) when at home use a
dongle, no strings attached (I'm doing a blog about no strings attached OMG IDEAS!!!)
T.v... seriously dude, freeview! one payment decent enough channels... i'll definitely blog about
t.v so we can GET YOU AWAY FROM THE BOX! cheapest one i've found is in asda £17 but your local market more than
likely has some cheap ones, look for the guy shouting "£4 freeview for £4, one off payment, absolute bargain, come
and 'av a look"
Food :D. Grow some herbs, ingredients you use often. There are loads of shops selling 'grow your
own' packets... although I suggest you go to the 99p store (if you don't have one nearby i pity you) where you can
buy a whole bunch of seeds, pots, soil, plant food etc for 99p (obvs -_-) pop it on your windowsill and voila!
garlic on tap :D also... it's a bit dramatic but nowhere near as hard as you think... go vegetarian (oooh another
blog topic) I'll go into more detail on it in a new blog but a great money saver is being someone who doesn't eat
meat but is not vegetarian... i shall expand.
Give up smoking. seriously mon amies it is no good. i'm not gonna earbash about the health risks
because you already know. instead i'll say this. You're spending close to £5 on one box of cigarettes... umm, I
wouldn't pay £5 for food... and last time i checked YOU CAN'T EAT TOBACCO... WHY THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS ARE

2. La mode (fashion): clothes. CUSTOMISE CUSTOMISE CUSTOMISE! old dress you're not feeling... get sewing honey bee
make it into a top, a bag, a hat. videojug has some really good videos on making clothes. argos has loads of cheap
sewing machines... even if you're a beginner there's loads of things to help you along. hemming web is dirt cheap
and is basically a web you fold into the end of the cloth, iron down and easy peasy you have a hem (it works by
using the heat to mesh the fibres together) so lack of skill is no excuse. plus, you're guaranteed an exclusive
piece so no bumping into randomers wearing your coat (this happened to me recently ahhhh so peeved)
jewellery. make it make it make it. is a great starter site and has
loads of beading projects, not just beads but silver jewellery etc...

3. entertainment: forget restaurants. cook for your friends at home! even if you mess up and it sucks you'll end
up laughing about it (if you have good friends.. if they don't laugh reevaluate your friendships for real) but
seriously be a kitchen king/queen for the evening, make your own 'come dine with me'... but i don't suggest you
house hop every day... make it a friday night thing.
nostalgia. go easy on this one... excessive reminiscing can get us stuck on the past or ruin
memories so don't over do it. but try having a day doing all the stupid things you did when you were 15... in my
case running in random shops and doing starjumps, going up the down escalator yada yada (ok i'll admit i stopped
this just last year :| sort of)
find a new hotspot. randomly get on a bus and go somewhere you've never been. this works with
or without friends (nostalgia doesn't) find out about it... might find some bargains, some one off shops... give
it a go
have good friends. it's the key to your enjoyment of anything. having the right people around
you can turn the most horrific and boring experience into fun. enjoying someones company is a great form of
entertainment. you can debate, discuss, learn, study, be random, be stupid, play board games, make paper snowflakes
it doesn't matter what... good company makes it a good experience.
pick something to learn about. actively pursue it... there is nothing more enjoyable than
expanding your knowledge. absolutely no-th-in-g
making clothes an jewellery is also fun :D

4. travel: take a bus, ride a bike. what else is there to say :D

This is my baby steps guide... i can't think of any other ways to get you on your way
OOOOOHHHHHHH WAIT!!! community sharing site, maybe you wanna get rid of some clutter, give it
away on there, need some clutter? get it off there loool i kid, i kid! but on a very serious note it's a wonderful
online community, its free to join, you literally pay NOTHING AT ALL for the stuff you get and they have so much on
there... i mean everything i personally have given away books, got some shelves for my new house, ive seen bikes on
there, washing machines, t.v's, lots and lots of stuff.

so that is my blog for now... the next one will probably be negative so watch out :D


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  1. This is so refreshing...simple & relevant.
    Modern times really work towards making us run far away from finding happiness in simple things
    & this guide could take us out of that annoyin credit crunch moapy mentality.
    Good stuff!