Wednesday, 23 November 2011

so i haven't posted in a long time

but i am making a comeback to the internets :)

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Thursday, 19 August 2010

I'm plucking feathers, One by one...

Mark Ronson Ft Q-Tip (aka my life long love or Kamaal the Abstract) & MNDR

Never was a big Mark Ronson fan... but I saw Q-Tip and couldn't resist.

talk about pleasantly surprised!

The lyrics are about resistance and revolution against the lies spat out by the media... and 'believing in the proof and the truth and each other'

Ohh and the French bit means 'I'll pluck your head'

LOVE IT!!!!!

(all you anti-media/propaganda  heads should love it too)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

No Good (Black) Men

Everyone says it/has said it/will say it.
For women reading this that don't 'date' Black men, That's fine the post applies to all men but I've made the title as it is because it is something that a lot of women who 'date' Black men say.

Here Goes Nothing...

  • The man who calls out to you on the street. (Even if he says excuse me... that just makes him a wasteman with manners)
  • The man who moves to you in the rave. (If you didn't now yet men go raving to find mash and dashes, post on that soon)
  • The man who watches your frame Harrrrrrrrrrd and makes comments like 'You're sexy/hot/chung/peng/' or 'Wow you have a nice...insert body part here
  • The man who says you're beautiful when he barely knows you. (He will then proceed to say this so much you want to find a dictionary and permanently remove 'beautiful' from it)
Why are these bad things though??

Because a man who calls out to you on the road doesn't know you. Anyone who had a even a half good upbringing got told by their parents-
'Do NOT speak to strangers'
So why is he hailing you on the street like you and him are big friends? Because he can tell by the way you walk that you are intelligent...?
Errrrrm no love it's because you have a nice bum... never noticed that some men call to you when they haven't even seen your face...?

As for the ones approaching you in a rave, they went to the rave so they could find someone like you (female of at least average attractiveness)
To do something with. They don't care if you seem 'hard to get' because they know that a lot of females lie so they will persist until you give in.

The last two are the SAME... do not be fooled because one is overtly sexual and the other is 'respectful'. More than likely the second one means the same thing. He just has a little more experience, or maybe you don't seem like a woman that such nonsense would appeal to. 

But why do they always approach me...?!

You ever seen My Wife and Kids? The episode where Micheal and Jay are having counselling, speaking about each others negative attributes and they say 'I can accept that and my heart is still open' Well right now, we are going to have some counselling. And at the end, lets all say...
'I can accept that and my <3 is still OPEN'

Put simply... these men approach you because they CAN...
You make yourself seem available. You walk out in skin tight jeans or leggings. Do you realise how much of your body they expose? Men think this is for them... and frankly it must be because why else are you walking out practically naked?
'Because I like it...'  ¬_¬ then DON'T COMPLAIN
You wear Loooooooooooow cut tops. Your breasts are like airbags because of your new La Senza bra that everyone can see the straps of.
You loud talk. People who loud talk seem talkative and therefore approachable. When you are on the bus l o w e r your voice... no one wants to know about your friends new man anyway.
You have extravagant false hair and nails. These things are superfluous.
You go to the wrooooooooong raves. Any rave where a man and woman are dry sexing on the dance floor is the wrong rave. Refer to my Music post to see what kind of music to expect in a decent persons 'rave' (Although I don't believe there are any... unless it's like an open mic night or something)

Woooooo.... ok it's over

But that is why they approach you. Because your behaviour mirrors that of their counterparts... you are the girl they normally have around them. If you don't want their attention... don't be what they like.

Soooooooo.... what now??
Now you become what you want from a man. You dress to attract the sort of attention you want. Conduct yourself properly. Respect your body and he will respect you.

You're thinking what does this post have to do with the title right...

Moral of the story
There are plenty  good black men. They just avoid YOU like the plague because you are not a good black woman.

Like always I hope I learn from this as much as you. We could all benefit from taking our own advice. And I know it's harsh... but it takes a slap to wake a person when they're in a deep sleep.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


It has an effect on us. And the majority of us find it difficult to ignore.
Fact is music is something like drugs.

Recreational drugs. Serve no purpose but to provide temporary release from an unpleasant situation or heighten enjoyment of an already perfectly enjoyable moment. Always have BAD side effects. Also you will more than likely regret taking them one day. Incredibly addictive.

Chemical drugs. Full of manufactured, false, imitation products. So although they heal us they are probably introducing some other foul substance to our bodies that we don't need. Often results in bad side effects. Addictive.

So how does it relate to music?

Recreational music. Music with crap lyrics. Promiscuity, arrogance, greed, boastfulness etc. No real content. Or more often foul content but with the hottest beat. Just like recreational drugs, great feelings come from this category but no real improvement. For example, Rihanna's Rude Boy. Lil' Wayne's Lollipop. Tinie Tempah's Pass Out. Nicki Minaj every song she ever get the picture.

Chemical music. Music that isn't always blatantly foul. It is generally full of idle talk and will mention things like sex and material objects but in a non whorish, less boastful way. Like chemical drugs it will make improvements but more than likely introduce a lesser filth into your mind. And again like chemical drugs, every now and then you get something pure. Still over a hot beat. For example Chiddy Bang's Opposite of Adults. Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind are Chemical.
The random pure song you may find in this category will be something like Eliza Doolittle's Pack Up.
The reason songs like that are still in the Chemical category is because although they are clean they are not conscious.

So what to do, what to do?

There is a lesser known, lesser used form of drugs.
Holistic. This word is derived from Holism 'The theory that whole entities, as fundamental components of reality, have an existence other than as the mere sum of their parts'

So, holistic music is music that is aware of the fact that we, as human beings, are more than just ourselves. We have responsibilities to our fellow humans. We affect each other. Holistic medicine is non addictive. Also known as concious music.

Make of this blog post what you will.
This is how I try to choose my music. The exact same way I try to choose my healthcare. Always go with the holistic option. If you need something a little stronger...go chemical but thoroughly research the CONTENT to ensure no negative side effects, if it's clean go ahead and take it... avoid recreational at all costs. Also remember it was a wise man that once said "There is a time and a time" Music is not for all situations. Time on the bus would be better spent with a book expanding your knowledge.

Just to cool off after all that brain training...
Some holistic, alternative, conscious, however you like to call it, music. from 2 of my favourite artists.

Enjoy :)

Queen Ifrica


Also a way to gauge what category music falls into. Read the lyrics by themselves. Does it run well and appeal to you on a reading level?? Then the music is just words spoken in a pleasing way :)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Guess what? I am not a consumerrrrrr :D

Money. We all want just a little bit more.
But is it needed...we want that bit extra to get a nicer phone. maybe treat ourselves to some new earrings or
that HOT jacket on (why does everyone love asos??) but there are much easier, cheaper and more fulfilling
ways to get what you want on a budget that doesn't really allow for luxuries.
Here is my baby steps guide to

1. home life: internet. if you're an outside person... find your nearest hotspot and do your internet thing there
(excercise caution ladies and germs! you all know about secure internet connections etc) when at home use a
dongle, no strings attached (I'm doing a blog about no strings attached OMG IDEAS!!!)
T.v... seriously dude, freeview! one payment decent enough channels... i'll definitely blog about
t.v so we can GET YOU AWAY FROM THE BOX! cheapest one i've found is in asda £17 but your local market more than
likely has some cheap ones, look for the guy shouting "£4 freeview for £4, one off payment, absolute bargain, come
and 'av a look"
Food :D. Grow some herbs, ingredients you use often. There are loads of shops selling 'grow your
own' packets... although I suggest you go to the 99p store (if you don't have one nearby i pity you) where you can
buy a whole bunch of seeds, pots, soil, plant food etc for 99p (obvs -_-) pop it on your windowsill and voila!
garlic on tap :D also... it's a bit dramatic but nowhere near as hard as you think... go vegetarian (oooh another
blog topic) I'll go into more detail on it in a new blog but a great money saver is being someone who doesn't eat
meat but is not vegetarian... i shall expand.
Give up smoking. seriously mon amies it is no good. i'm not gonna earbash about the health risks
because you already know. instead i'll say this. You're spending close to £5 on one box of cigarettes... umm, I
wouldn't pay £5 for food... and last time i checked YOU CAN'T EAT TOBACCO... WHY THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS ARE

2. La mode (fashion): clothes. CUSTOMISE CUSTOMISE CUSTOMISE! old dress you're not feeling... get sewing honey bee
make it into a top, a bag, a hat. videojug has some really good videos on making clothes. argos has loads of cheap
sewing machines... even if you're a beginner there's loads of things to help you along. hemming web is dirt cheap
and is basically a web you fold into the end of the cloth, iron down and easy peasy you have a hem (it works by
using the heat to mesh the fibres together) so lack of skill is no excuse. plus, you're guaranteed an exclusive
piece so no bumping into randomers wearing your coat (this happened to me recently ahhhh so peeved)
jewellery. make it make it make it. is a great starter site and has
loads of beading projects, not just beads but silver jewellery etc...

3. entertainment: forget restaurants. cook for your friends at home! even if you mess up and it sucks you'll end
up laughing about it (if you have good friends.. if they don't laugh reevaluate your friendships for real) but
seriously be a kitchen king/queen for the evening, make your own 'come dine with me'... but i don't suggest you
house hop every day... make it a friday night thing.
nostalgia. go easy on this one... excessive reminiscing can get us stuck on the past or ruin
memories so don't over do it. but try having a day doing all the stupid things you did when you were 15... in my
case running in random shops and doing starjumps, going up the down escalator yada yada (ok i'll admit i stopped
this just last year :| sort of)
find a new hotspot. randomly get on a bus and go somewhere you've never been. this works with
or without friends (nostalgia doesn't) find out about it... might find some bargains, some one off shops... give
it a go
have good friends. it's the key to your enjoyment of anything. having the right people around
you can turn the most horrific and boring experience into fun. enjoying someones company is a great form of
entertainment. you can debate, discuss, learn, study, be random, be stupid, play board games, make paper snowflakes
it doesn't matter what... good company makes it a good experience.
pick something to learn about. actively pursue it... there is nothing more enjoyable than
expanding your knowledge. absolutely no-th-in-g
making clothes an jewellery is also fun :D

4. travel: take a bus, ride a bike. what else is there to say :D

This is my baby steps guide... i can't think of any other ways to get you on your way
OOOOOHHHHHHH WAIT!!! community sharing site, maybe you wanna get rid of some clutter, give it
away on there, need some clutter? get it off there loool i kid, i kid! but on a very serious note it's a wonderful
online community, its free to join, you literally pay NOTHING AT ALL for the stuff you get and they have so much on
there... i mean everything i personally have given away books, got some shelves for my new house, ive seen bikes on
there, washing machines, t.v's, lots and lots of stuff.

so that is my blog for now... the next one will probably be negative so watch out :D


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Where do I go from here?

I've started this blog out of confusion, annoyance and frustration.
Not a great combination of emotions. But alas, here we are.

I guess explaining the causes would help right? Well I've just had it up to here with ignorance. I do not understand how people can't explain where their beliefs or thoughts come from. Thats the confusion.I guess it's also the annoyance and the frustration. It seems as though people who hold ideas because of reason are a dying breed. Try it out! Ask someone to enlighten you as to why they believe something? More often than not the responses (at least the ones I get) are

'i saw it on this cool video on youtube' ooh were there flashing lights on there too?

'i dunno my mum's always said it' do you listen to her about anything else?

'well my pastor/imam/religious leader told me' yeah but who told him?

'i think i saw it on the telly... or did i read it somewhere' now you're just taking the mick. you don't read.

And other generally similar statements that allow people to bypass their reason. I would love to ask someone why they believe something and hear
'well think about it... it makes sense...' followed by an explanation that appeals to human reason.

Big example... today on that vile 'social networking site' I can't stay away from, I saw this


Let me break down the levels of ignorance.
- When was the last time you saw the police going around saying stuff?
- In ENGLAND, the ENGLISH authorities are going to tell the ENGLISH people not to support ENGLAND this summer in the World Cup...?
- According to your jibber jabber, the POLICE imposed the ban... not Sikhs and Muslims sooo where does the burkha and turban come from (especially seeing as you're 'not racist')

This is not a small thing... look if you don't believe me go to Facebook and type in 'England flag' you'll see how many people got sucked.

Long story short... this is an age of incredible ignorance. Reason is dead...

Will you help revive it?

New post when I get angry enough again LOL.x